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How To Hide Folders In Nokia/Java Phone Without Using Any Software | Secure Your Data in Ur Mobile

| 5:57 AM | Jignesh Thummar | | | Best Blogger Tips

  • Requirement - Your mobile phone should support Java Which Almost all Mobile Phone Support.

1. First you create any folder

2. Now give that folder any name but with the extension of .jadlike if I want to hide my games folder then I will give name asgames.jad

3. Now you have to create a new folder in the same directory and with the same name but with the extension of .jar 

4. Here, I will create a new folder with the name games.jar

5. So Now You are done!! The original games folder has been hidden and now the folder visible is games.jar which is an empty folder. To view games folder that is to see our protected data,we need to remove the .jar extension from thegames.jar and my original folder with my protected files and .jadextension will be visible. 

So, now we have learnt to save our personal data from unwanted eyes!!!

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