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How to Use Windows 8 Themes in Windows 7

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Windows 8 Release Preview is live now and many of us are using it too.If you have ever tried to use Windows 8 Themes in your Windows 7 PC,then you may found that it will not work in Windows 7 environment.It is due to fact that Windows 8 themes are with extension .deskthemepack and Windows 7 themes are by extension .themepack.Now a question will arise in your mind! Why Microsoft has changed the Windows 8 Themes support.

The reason for this is because Windows 8 add additional support for multiple monitors with a single wallpaper and if the image will be small,then different images will be shown in different desktops.The Windows 8 Themes are also supporting automatic colour changefeature which Windows 7 didn't support.
But there is a way by which you can easily use all your Windows 8 themes in Windows 7.


1> First download the Windows 8 theme which you want to use in Windows 7.  

2> Now when you are in Windows 7,Right click on the downloaded Windows 8 theme and extract it with the help of any extraction software such as WinRar, 7-Zip etc.

3> After extraction you will see one .deskthemepack file and                    "DesktopBackground" folder,which contains all the wallpapers.

4>Now just use all the wallpapers on "DesktopBackground" folder as your Desktop Background and save the theme for sharing.

5> To save the theme for sharing! Go to Personalize and after that right click on your Theme and click on "Save theme for sharing" option.                                                                                                       

Just you are done now enjoy your Windows 8 theme in Windows 7.

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